Certifications 1

Certified Codeable Developer

I started my WordPress development journey in 2010 as part time gigs at that time, since I was still working full time for SAP. It's always been fun journey developing solutions for clients and that excitement got enhancement when I joined Codeable in 2014. Throughout these years, I have built numerous website, created custom plugins and completed customization for clients all over the worlds.
I would be more than happy to support you in your website needs including custom built the site for your business and/or develop custom solutions that would run within your current live site.
Please contact me via the chat icon in the bottom right to discuss your requirements. Hopefully we could work together and build awesome business relationships.

Certifications 2

The Sass Course! Learn Sass for Real-World Websites

I have been using Saas since 2017 when I bought Udemy course to jumpstart my learning curve. Sass is indeed more complex than regular CSS, however it offers the ability to store values as variables and use them throughout the styling code. It allows the use of nested syntax, so it provides a cleaner way of targeting HTML elements.
One other thing I like about SASS is the ability to split into unlimited smaller SASS file, while maintaining a single HTTP call request, which is awesome for page speed load.
Mostly, I used SASS when starting big website development project that needs to be built from scratch or any custom WordPress plugins.
Looking forward to help you build your next site or build custom plugins that adds functionality for your site using SASS framework.