Maintenance & Security

Donny Studio helps businesses across the globe to improve the performance of their website

The technology and framework that are used to build website, just like any other tools, need regular updates and maintenance. Let me take care of the maintenance part of the site so you can focus on running the business.

Spam and malware works overtime to find a way to get into the app and do the damages. It’s imperative to put defense mechanism to prevent such attacks. Let me configure this for your site so you can have peace of mind.

Maintenance at your terms

Monitor your website and perform regular maintenance to ensure everything is good and up to date.

Website security for your brands

Good website security protects brand reputation and audience from data breach and compromise.

Improve overall performance

Eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring and maintaining your website with my custom plan that is suitable for your business.

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30-days warranty to fix issues

Any issues within the project scope will be fixed

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The one two three steps


Perform analysis to the backend of the site to grab the list of active theme and plugins; also to know how they work together for the site. I will also analyze the hosting environment and the automated backup.


Some plugins might need to be replaced with the optimized ones or need to use other theme which would be development work; then create list of tasks to be performed periodically to ensure the site is optimized and secure.


Once we both agree on the plan, the next step would be to create tasks in the project management tools (will invite you) where I would perform list of tasks periodically and provide you with the comprehensive reports.

Success Story

Donny was great. He did a very nice job managing my expectations about what could be done and by when. Was always available to answer questions and help fix minor things that I noticed with the theme. I hope I can keep working with him overtime.

Chris Curtis

I am ready for building site creating plugin maintaining site