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The Story

The site was outdated and need a new look with some new functionalities. The mockup was provided and the requirement was to create custom WordPress theme that is fast and SEO friendly. It was imperative to decrease the number of used plugins, there were more than 60 active plugins. These plugins were only used partially but they needed to be activated. In order to make the site efficient, some of them need to be made available within the new theme file and more optimized.

The Result

The chosen framework was Understrap which is a combination of Underscore and Bootstrap 4. The layout was developed following the PSD mockup design. There were few rounds back and forth to make sure everything works perfectly and display correctly in all devices. The active plugins were down from more than 60 to less than 30. All historical data were migrated and the site goes live smoothly. The new published items are automatically assigned with NEW label and after 24 hours, the NEW label automatically disappear.

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