The Dog and Friends


  • The site was built using Avada theme
  • Marina wanted to customize few things around the site that is outside Avada default functionalities

Project Scope

  • Adjust site’s logo and hover functionality on few elements in the homepage
  • Create ajax filter for the breed grids
  • Create pop up on breed information
  • Adjust few things around the site


  • Created staging site based on the live site and performed the customization there
  • The breeds page need custom ajax filter so this was custom built in the child theme
  • Besides the ajax filter, each breed needs to be clickable and pop up information about that breed. This needs to be integrated into the custom ajax filter above
  • Once everything within the project scope have been completed and approved, all the changes are migrated to the live site


  • The header, footer and few section in the site are improved
  • The breed page works well with the ajax filter and ajax pop up
  • The site is live at



Very helpful and great support even after project is completed if there is any issue. He provides information that is helpful for you.

Marina West

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