Woof Crate


  • The site was built using Elementor and it has already looked great
  • Ryan, the owner of Woof Crate, wanted to create custom ordering workflow for his customers especially on the subscription
  • The chosen subscription plugin was WooCommerce Subscription

Project Scope


  • The new functionality needs to be custom build as there is no plugin out of the box that could do this
  • So I created a custom plugin to achieve the goal
  • Below are the screenshots of the back-end configuration
  • Every single element within the workflow are easily adjustable




Donny has been a pleasure to work with! He is a very patient man and I appreciate that. The work that he has completed for me is more than I even expected and is just phenomenal! Thank you very much for the work you have done Donny, I'll definitely be back!

Ryan Augusto

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