Speed Optimization

A strategy that is often overlooked, page speed optimization services are crucial to great SEO

People can only wait within few seconds before they notice the delay and no longer feels in control. After this period, their mind will wander and they will, more often than not, leave the website.

Therefore, it’s very important to have the site loads very fast. The optimization effort includes codes, file, image optimization and few other things depending on the technologies that are used to build the site.

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Is your website built for speed?

Page speed is determined by numerous factors. My job is ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors to improve conversions and revenues.

Is mobile speed optimized?

Both desktop and mobile rankings could be affected by the site speed. This means that when dealing with page speed optimization it’s crucial to keep mobile in mind as well.

Important factors to your site success

My result-driven strategy will help sites to load at top speeds and to have improvements on rankings and conversions.

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Some important factors that contribute to slow load time

Sloppy Codes & Big Images

Clean code is always good and images that are too big need to be scaled down using WordPress best practice.

Unmanaged Redirects

No redirect means faster loading time. Redirect chain should be avoided. Server side redirects are fast and cacheable.

Server Performance

Cheap hosting tends to have small server resource. It’s good to invest in the hosting that is easily scalable and cloud based.

Success Story

We believe Donny is what you look for when you're seeking a talented professional. So many people claim to be experts, but they may not be. Donny is the real deal, wickedly capable, fast to execute, and great with communication. We've worked with him before, and we hope to work with him again (if he'll have us). Great stuff Donny! Thank you!"

Sam Hornstein

I am ready for building site creating plugin maintaining site